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AJSER is an initiative to provide quality publishing platform for research scholars. All the papers are published after successful peer review by qualified researchers.

American Journal of Sciences and Engineering Research is an Open Access journal. AJSER does not gain any income through selling online versions of the published articles. AJSER enables its readers to access the published articles free of cost. AJSER allows its authors and readers to distribute knowledge more widely all over the world at a lower cost. However, to cover the peer review work, Administrative support, Journal development, Formatting of articles, Marketing of journal, Customer service, Operation and Maintenance of online journal system and website, the journal depends on Article Processing Fees.

Different ways of depositing fees

There are following different ways of depositing fees for the publication of accepted articles. AJSER's author can choose anyone according to his/her suitability

  • By depositing fees in near bank branch; With the acceptance letter, author receives the account information. Anyone can deposit fees directly by going nearby bank branch in that account number.
  • By online net banking; Author can also use this way for depositing fees in the given account in acceptance letter by activating their net banking option.

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